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VHGA is holding two full days of solo and pipe band competitions in 2016

The VHGA has been attracting more competitors (Dancers, Solo and Pipe Band, Heavy Events and Drum Majors) and increasing attendance at the Victoria Highland Games over the last few years by adding new events and format changes.

Based on the feedback that we have received over the years, in 2016 we will be expanding the pipe band and solo competitions to a full 2 day schedule (Saturday and Sunday,  May 21/ 22).   Our hope is that more solo competitors and bands will attend the Games and take in the high quality and variety of events, including the Heavy events, Highland and Irish dance competitions, Celtic sports, Whisky school, Celtic music, Entertainment stages and the Heritage and Clansman tents.

The new 3-day format (including the holiday Monday) has expanded the number of activities held at the Games, which will continue to grow in 2016. The Highland Games & Celtic Festival will continue to run through to Monday with a Drum Major demonstration featuring Jason Paguio, the multiple World Drum Major Champion. For the first time, we are hosting an Irish Dance competition on the Monday.

We are also happy to announce that the LA Scots from Los Angeles will be competing at the 2016 Grade 1 (Full) band contest. The LA Scots and Greighlan Crossing Pipe Band are the Duty Bands for the 2016 Highland Games & Celtic Festival over the 3 day weekend.

The 2016 Canadian Invitational Drum Major Championship will also be running at the same time and we are pleased to announce that John Noble will be coming from Scotland to act as the head drum major judge. In addition, Bruce Gandy from Nova Scotia will be joining the judging panel. An Open Piobaireachd competition will again be held on Saturday at the Games’ site.

More details to come in January regarding the format and event listing for the piping, drumming and drum major competitions.

VHGA Christmas Fling Competition

The VHGA Christmas Fling competition is being held on December 6, 2016 at the Esquimalt Recreation Centre. This event includes a visit from Santa, cake walk and free lunch for each dancer and their parents. Dancers must be VHGA members to compete . This event is the first event of 4 VHGA dance competitions held each year at which dancers earn points that can result in VHGA bursaries.

Registration Form available here.

Please remember to bring a cake for the CAKEWALK!

VHGA has a new website

The new website is up and running.

The idea is to make it faster and easier for everybody to find the information they need. Some of the new features of the site are:

Navigation System

A new main navigation menu that answers all the most common questions people have about the festival, which are:

Easy Banners

The new site has an easy-to-use banner system, so news about specific areas of the festival can be posted (and updated) at any time. You can see some of these banners in place at the top of some of the pages (golden background).

Event Schedule

The event schedule board is directly connected to Google Calendar. Different people can have access to each calendar and update events and times. There are two things to keep in mind here:

  1. A single calendar cannot have overlapping events.
  2. Any changes to the calendars in Google might take up to 12 hours to propagate to the site.

Buttons at the Schedule page allow you to isolate the day and venue you want.

Grounds Map

A new grounds map available in all pages (sidebar) allows you to consult places that are being mentioned everywhere in the site.

Association & Craigflower Manor

Information about VHGA, including other events, and Craigflower Manor have been isolated, already considering future migrations to specific sites.

Multiple Forms

At this moment, the site has only one “Contact Form“. Nevertheless, this new site structure allows for as many forms as needed, collecting different information in different forms, having different recipients for each one of them.