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Weight for Height

Athlete competing on the Weight for Height event

Weight for Height is one of the greatest tests of explosive power in Heavy Events. The implement weights between 21lbs and 56lbs and is thrown with one hand, overhead for maximum height.

The athlete is given up to three attempts at each height and is still in the competition until he misses three attempts and is scored on the last successful height cleared.

The winner is the athlete that clears the greatest height with the least amount of misses.


  • 21lbs – Women’s Masters (40yrs old+)
  • 28lbs – Women’s Amateur and Professional
  • 42lbs – Men’s Masters (40yrs old+) and Men’s Lightweight (-200lbs)
  • 56lbs – Men’s Amateur and Professional

Field Record

  • Professional Men (56lb): 18’1” Andy Vincent – 2015
  • Elite Women (28lb): 18’ Kristy Scott – 2013
  • Amateur Men (56lb): 15’ John Odden – 2010
  • Amateur Women (28lb): 16’ Kate Burton – 2012
  • Men’s Master 40+ (42lb): 17’ Lance Barusch – 2011
  • Men’s Master 50+ (42lb): 15’ Bob Owens – 2014
  • Women’s Master (21lb): 13’6” Kim Dennis – 2015

May 21st, 22nd & 23rd 2016