Heritage Hub

During the Games visit our Heritage Hub for a number of educational presentations and cultural performances that share and celebrate Scottish history and culture. Come learn with us at the Heritage Hub!

Please note that changes were made to the schedule on May 16th.

2023 Schedule *

Dunty the Ghost, a lawsuit and DNA.

Talk by the Victoria Genealogical Society
Saturday and Sunday, 11am

Victoria Genealogical Society presents a fascinating story about a member’s 7x great grandfather, James Porteous, Dunty the Ghost of Spedlins Tower.
Dunty is one of Scotland’s famous ghosts who still is known to protest his untimely death.  Recently he was the subject of a lawsuit which involved hundreds of descendants.
A classic tale with a modern twist.

Cows and Dairy-Maids Galore: food and summer shielings in the 19th century coastal west

Talk by Theresa Mackay, PhD History student, University of Victoria
Saturday, 2pm

Theresa Mackay, PhD candidate and recipient of the Hugh Campbell and Marion Alice Small Graduate Teaching Fellowship in Scottish Studies, University of Victoria.
Nineteenth century rural kitchens in the west Highlands and Islands also lived beyond the walls of thatched-roof homes. Learn where butter and cheese were made, what supplies were needed, and why dairymaids were more than just young women who passed the summer in the hills, they were skilled workers who were crucial to the farm economy.

Celtic Harp

Performance by Alison Vardy, harpist and teacher
Saturday and Sunday, 10am

Alison has been pulling (harp) strings for 38 years. Now resident in Cedar, she plucks regularly through a 15-hr repertoire, sans written music, switching keys & hands to add challenge. She is delighted to play again at the Highland Games, eager to hold her own with the ambulatory pipers just outside her performance tent.  At this year’s Games you will enjoy the diversity and rich repertoire of the celtic harp played by a master of the instrument. For those hugging onto their CD players you’ll be able to buy Alison’s CDs for half-price! Visit her website and have a listen before you come: https://www.alisonvardy.com/listen-to-harp-music.html

Victoria Scottish Gaelic Choir

Performance by The Victoria Scottish Gaelic Choir
Saturday, 1pm and Sunday, 2pm

Victoria Scottish Gaelic Choir sings mainly in the Gaelic language, with some songs in English. Our repertoire consists of traditional heritage songs and newer compositions which promote and celebrate the language. We are an unauditioned choir, and no music or language experience is required. We have a fluent Gaelic speaker who tutors us in the words of the songs. We meet on Wednesdays, 7-9 pm at Trinity Presbyterian Church 2964 Tillicum Rd.

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Mary Ross

by Accordionist, Mary Ross
Sunday, 1pm

Mary’s Scottish Heritage contributes to her strong ties to Celtic Music. Highland dancing and accordion lessons started at an early age. Mary’s musical career has taken her from Greenland to Texas, Scotland,
and the Pacific Northwest. She accompanied Scottish entertainer George McDowall for 35 years and enjoyed being a Irish Feis musician for 20 years..
Mary continues as a musician for Scottish Country Dance events, ceilidhs, is an accordion instructor and has accompanied the Victoria Police Chorus since 2000.

The Evolution of the Kilt

Talk by Justin Guthrie – Co-owner,North of Hadrian’s Custom Kilts
Sunday, 3pm

Kilts and Celtic clothing have a very long and dramatic history, yet many of our ideas about the kilt are based on myth, legend, misconceptions, and (worse yet) Hollywood. Learn the history, origins, and evolution of the kilt.

(*) Programme subject to change without notice

May 21st, 22nd & 23rd 2016