Heritage Hub

During the Games visit our Heritage Hub for a number of educational presentations and cultural performances that share and celebrate Scottish history and culture. Come learn with us at the Heritage Hub!

Please note that changes were made to the schedule on May 16th.

2022 Schedule *

Celtic Harp

Performance by Alison Vardy, harpist and teacher
Saturday and Sunday, 10am

Travel through the musical world of the Celts and beyond with harpist Alison Vardy. Enjoy lilting melodies from Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England, Eastern Europe and Canada. Alison plays the music she loves with great skill, connectedness and humour!

Presentation on Traditional Whiskey

Talk by Robin Morgan, Macaloney Brewers & Distillers Ltd
Saturday, 5pm and Sunday, 3pm
(originally scheduled for Saturday, 3pm and Sunday, 5pm)

Learn about traditional methods employed in producing beer and whisky, including tricks of the trade used by the up-and-coming Victoria Caledonian Distillery.

The Evolution of the Kilt

Talk by Justin Guthrie – Co-owner,North of Hadrian’s Custom Kilts
Saturday, 4pm and Sunday, 2pm
(original scheduled for Saturday, 2pm and Sunday, 4pm)

Kilts and Celtic clothing have a very long and dramatic history, yet many of our ideas about the kilt are based on myth, legend, misconceptions, and (worse yet) Hollywood. Learn the history, origins, and evolution of the kilt.

Guth Nan Eilean, Voice of the Islands

Performance by The Victoria Gaelic Choir
Saturday, 3pm and Sunday, 1pm 
(original scheduled for Saturday, 1pm and Sunday, 3pm)

In this session enjoy a selection of Gaelic music in four part harmony and solo/duet pieces, from love songs, to rallying Jacobite songs, and humorous dance pieces.

An introduction to Scottish Genealogy

Talk by the Victoria Genealogical Society
Saturday and Sunday, 11am

Interested in learning about your Scottish family history but not sure how to get started. Join us for a presentation and discussion about finding your Scottish ancestors. Information handouts will be provided.

Beyond Potatoes: Food in the 19th Century west Highlands and Islands

Talk by Theresa Mackay, PhD History student, University of Victoria
Saturday, 2pm (originally scheduled for Sunday, 2pm)

We know about potatoes, but what else was on the table? In this session we will look at some ground-breaking research that is being done to understand how indigenous Gaelic-speaking people, especially women, brought food to the table in the nineteenth-century coastal settlements of the west Highlands and Islands. Using examples from the University of Edinburgh archives, including the Maclagan Manuscripts and the Old and New Statistical Accounts, we will look at common food ingredients and recipes to better understand how and what families were fed. Bring your inner foodie and learn about more than just potatoes!

(*) Programme subject to change without notice

May 21st, 22nd & 23rd 2016