Piping and Drumming

One of the main highlights of the Festival is the massed pipe band performances marching on the grass fields twice per day. All of the pipers and drummers at the Festival (up to 500 performers) participate in these massed performances which are watched by thousands of spectators. In addition, individual pipebands perform at other times during the festival. Most spectators agree that listening to the pipes and drum performances is a very exhilarating and emotional experience!

Another exciting event at the Festival is the drum major performances held throughout the weekend. A free workshop will be provided for those people interesting in trying out or improving their abilities in this technical art – a registration form will be put on this website closer to the event.

2023 registration form

On both May 20 and 21, the VHGA will be holding a solo piping and drumming competition in the morning session, and a pipeband competition in the afternoon session. The 2023 registration form can be found here. The 2023 Orders of Play for piping and drumming will be posted on the BC Pipers’ Association website 1 week before the Games.

May 21st, 22nd & 23rd 2016