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Clan Tents


“A Scottish clan (from Gaelic clann, “children”) is a kinship group among the Scottish people. Clans give a sense of shared identity and descent to members, and in modern times have an official structure recognised by the Court of the Lord Lyon, which regulates Scottish heraldry and coats of arms. Most clans have their own tartan patterns, usually dating from the 19th century, which members may incorporate into kilts or other clothing.” (read more on Wikipedia)

2020 Clans/Associations Registration Form.

Here are some of the Clans and Associations that attended the 154th Highland Games (2017):

Clan Barclay

Motto: Aut agere aut mori (Either action or death)
Septs include: Ardrossan, Barcklay, Barckley, Barckly, Barclaye, Barclet, Barclye, Barcula, Barkla, Barklaw, Barklay, Barkley, Barkly, Barraclough, Berckley, Berclay, Bercley, Berclie, Berekele, Berkeley, Tollie, Tolley, Towie, Towy, Tullie

Clan MacDowall

Motto: Vincere Vel Mori (To Conquer or Die)
Septs include: Kyle, Coull, McCoul, Coyle, Cole, Dole, Howell, MacEwan, MacHale, MacClintock, MacDougal

Clan MacDougall Society

Motto: Buaidh no bàs (Victory or Death)
Carmichael, Conacher, Coull, Cowan, Cowie, Dowall, Livingston, MacConacher, MacCoull, MacCowan, MacCulloch, MacDole, MacDowell, MacDulothe, MacEachan, MacHowell, Kichan, MacLucas, MacLugash, MacLulich, MacNamell, Macoul, Macowl, McDougall, McDougle[4]

Clan Currie

Motto: “Inspire to Victory”
Associated Names and affiliations: MacMhurrich, Curry, Curie, McCurrie, McCoury and others.

Clan MacAulay

Motto: Dulce Periculum (Danger is Sweet)
We welcome all spelling variations of MacAulay. Visit us at

Clan Ferguson Society of North America

Motto: Dulcius ex asperis (Sweeter after difficulties)
Ferguson, Fergusson, Fergie, Fergus, Fergussill, Ferrie, Ferries, Ferris(s), Forgie, Forgan, Grevsack, Hardie, Hardy, Keddie, Keddle, Ketchen, Kiddie, Kydd , MacAdie, MacCade, MacErries, MacFergus, MacFhearghuis, MacFirries, MacHerries, MacInlay, MacIrish, MacKeddie, MacKerras, MacKersey, MacKestan, MacMagnus, MacTavert.

Clan MacKenzie

Motto: Luceo non uro (I shine not burn)
Charles, Charleson, Clunes, Clunies, Cross, Iverach, Iverson, Ivory, Kenneth, Kennethson, Kenney, Kenny, Kinnach, Kinne, Kinney, Kynoch, MacAulay, Macaweeney, MacBeolain, MacBeath, MacBeth, MacConnach, MacCure, Maceur, MacIver, MacIvor, MacKenna, MacKinzie, McKinzie, McKenzie, MacKenney, MacKerlich, MacKinna, MacKinney, MacKinnie, MacLeay, MacMurchie, MacMurchy, MacQueenie, MacThearliach, MacVanish, MacVennie, MacVinish, MacVinnie, MacWeeny, MacWhinnie, Makiver, Murchie, Murchison, Smart, Stephan, Tuach, Young

Clan MacLaren Society of North America

Motto: Creag an Tuirc (Rock of the Boar)
There are more than 250 names/variant spellings and septs, including: MacLaren, McLaren, Maclaren, Lair, Law, Laurence, Lawson, Low, MacFait, MacRory, Patterson, Wright.

Clan MacLaine of Lochbuie

Motto: Vincere vel Mori (Victory or Death)
Over 130 names/variant spellings and septs, including: Black, Cormack, Gilrray, MacCormack, MacFadden, McFadden, MacFadyean, MacGilvery, MacLaine, MacLean, MacPhaden, MacYlory, Makcormok, Makfadzane.

Clan Blair Society

Motto: Amo Probos (I love the virtuous), And: Virtute Tutus (By Virtue Safe)
Names associated with the clan: Blar, Blair, Blayre, Blayr, Blare, MacBlair.

Clan MacLeod

Motto: Hold fast
Some septs for the clan: Beaton, Bethune, Harold, McCaskill, MacHandie, MacKandy, MacCaig, MacCuaig, MacAlear, MacClure, MacLeur, Lewis, , MacLure, Grimmond, MacCrimmon, MacKilliam, MacKullie, MacWilliam, Williamson, Norman, Normand, Norris, Norval, Norwell, Tormud

Clan Murray Society of North America

Motto: Furth Fortune and Fill the Fetters (Go onward with fortune and fill the shackles) And Tout Prest (Quite ready)
Septs for the clan: Balneaves, Dinsmore, Dunsmore, Fleming, Moray, Murray, Murrie, Murry, Neaves, Piper, Pyper, Smail, Smale, Small, Smeal, and Spaulding.

Clan MacNeacail (Clan MacNicol of North America)

Motto: SGORR-A-BHREAC (Scorrybreac)
Including: MacNeacail, Nicol, Nicoll, Nichol, Nicholson, MacNicol, MacNicoll, Nicolson

Clan Stewart of Appin

Motto: Quhidder Well Zie (Whither will ye? i.e., What/Which will you choose?)
Primary Adherents: MacColl, MacLeay, MacClay, Livingstone, MacGillemichael, McIlmichael, Carmichael, MacCombich, Combich, MacInnes, MacRobb, MacMichael, Carmichael, Walker

Clan Donnachaidh Society

Motto: Virtutis Gloria Merces “Glory is the Reward of Valour”
Including: Duncan, Robertson, Reid, McConechy

Clan Sutherland Society of North America

Motto: Sans Peur “Without Fear”
Septs: Cheyne, Clyne, Duffus, Federith, Gray, Keith, Mowat, Murray, Oliphant

Canadian Scottish Regiment

The Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary’s) is a distinguished infantry regiment dating its roots back to the early 1900’s. The regiment bears 42 battle honours, some close to a century old. The unit is proud of its heritage and traditions and of its four members who have received the Victoria Cross (VC), the highest military decoration for bravery and courage. The Regiment is located in Victoria, Nanaimo, and Courtenay, British Columbia.

Jacobite Reenactor: Kyle McIntosh (Clan McIntosh & Chattan)

United Empire Loyalists’ Association of Canada Victoria Branch

The United Empire Loyalists’ Association of Canada is an organization dedicated to enriching the lives of Canadians through knowledge of the past, in particular the history of the United Empire Loyalists and their contribution to the development of Canada.

78th Fraser Highlanders of Canada, Fort Victoria Garrison

Is one of ten outposts of the 78th Fraser Highlanders, a North-America wide historical society dedicated to the preservation of the memory of the original Regiment and Canadian Military history of the period mid-1700’s and celebration of the contributions of the early Scots to Canadian culture.

Vancouver Island Scottish Country Dance Society

Instructs and encourages the performance and practice of Scottish country dancing. The Van Isle dancers are a lively group of over 130 dancers who love to introduce newcomers to the joys of Scottish Country Dancing.

Victoria Gaelic ChoirGuth Nan Eilean

The Victoria Gaelic Choir, was formed in 1997 with a core membership of 24, and now numbers about 30 active members. The Choir, over the past few years has performed at many social gatherings and competitions, such as Robert Burns Suppers, Féis Shiàtail, Craigdarroch Castle, Government House, Mòd Vancouver and the Royal National Mòd in Scotland.

Victoria Genealogical Society

Is a non-profit, volunteer society whose aim is to further the study of genealogy – their stated mission is to support and promote family history research in Victoria, across Canada and around the world.

Victoria Hand Weavers and Spinners Guild

The Guild aims to bring together those who practise, or wish to practise, handweaving, spinning and allied crafts. It seeks to help and encourage them to increase their knowledge, understanding and skills in these crafts through discussion, demonstration, exhibition, teaching and the provision of resource materials.

Sons of Scotland Benevolent Association

Preserves and promotes Scottish heritage and culture in Canada. As a fraternal association it provides social activities for members and encourages involvement in our communities.

Fight like a Highlander

Come out and watch re-enactors Gary and Sybil Kangas as they demonstrate some of the long lost martial skills of the Highland Scots. Let them introduce you to life in the Highlands in days gone by.


May 21st, 22nd & 23rd 2016