Merchandise Vendors


During your visit to the Victoria Highland Games & Celtic Festival, take the time to visit our merchandise vendors. You will find a great selection of products to buy.

Our merchandise vendors will be located at the same place they were in 2019, just north of Glasgow Green (see map).

Here is the most up-to-date list of vendors for 2024:

  • Sponsored free spot “What’s the Rush?” University of Victoria Mapping Table
  • “Laurie A. McDonald, Jewellery Design”
  • Fantasy Arts” – Alison spokes Design
  • “Art by Dale Hitchcox” – Dale Hitchcox Artist
  • “Beaver House Fudge” – Kerel Bossi
  • “Cherry’s Stained Glass” – Hazel Galey
  • “Bag’s N- Boxes” – Krys Kinowski & Dean Mills
  • “Wild Abandon Jewelry” – Marika
  • “Happy Camper Freeze Dried” – David Sinclaire
  • “Vancouver Island Scrunchie” – Leslee Freer
  • “Windspinners” – Barry Biel
  • “Sharon Hubbard Arts” – Sharon Hubbard Artist
  • Island Sisters Body Works” – Alison Archer
  • “Karmic Henna Art & Sparkly Tattoos” – Karelia Hogan
  • “Phaest Digital Art” – Megan Lovis
  • “Bebop’s Creations” – Rebecca Sarachman
  • “Your Yiru Baby shop & Photography” – Sandy Yong
  • “Tidal Toys” – Colin Rolls
  • “Sparklelily Jewelry” – Sue Sutton
  • “Spell Binding Leather” – Nigel Picard
  • “Otter & Emma” – Kaarina Gilchrist
  • “Island Jerkey” – Alisa Gambling
  • “West Coast Creative Spirits” – Carol Foxton & Allison Gallant
  • “Macaloney’s Island Distillers” – Graeme Macaloney
  • “King Kauna Hawaiian Shirts” – David Heifetz
  • “Fantastical Worlds” – Mysteel Mills
  • “Ima Designs” – Iesha Adams
  • “West  Coast Black Sheep  Custom prints” – Lisa Robertson
  • “Oh Snap Trio” Daniel Sernoski
  • “North of Hadrians Kilts” – Highland outfitters – Jackson Wagner
  • “Affordable Kilts” – Barry Fisher
  • “The Scottish Shoppe” – Jim Osborne
  • “Sasquatch Snacks”
  • “Mcfphail Kilts”

As  merchandise vendors register to be present in the games, we will place their names here. (NOTE: The list of vendors might change without prior notice due to circumstances beyond our control. We will do our best to keep this list up-to-date with the latest developments.)

If you want to become a merchandise vendor for our festival, please visit our page on “How to participate – Vendors“.

May 21st, 22nd & 23rd 2016