Heavy Events

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Victoria Highland Games to host 2018 World Heavy Events Championship

Photo Credit: Heather Ancelet

The Victoria Highland Games Association is happy to announce that for our 155th anniversary in 2018 we will be hosting David Webster’s Scottish Heavy Events World Championships.  This championship will bring the very best of the best heavy event athletes from across the globe to Victoria.

We hosted these world championships in 2010 and were amazed at the level of the competition and look forward to another thrilling competition filled with big throws and potential world records.

Stay tuned for more information as we progress with the organization of these great championship and buckle in for an exciting 2018 at the Victoria Highland Games.

Heavy Events at the Games

The Victoria Highland Games competition is considered one of the premiere Heavy Events competitions in the world (having held the 2010 IHGF World Championships and the 2012 and 2017 CSAF Canadian Championships).

Sponsored by Lighthouse Brewing Company, the International Heavy Events Challenge runs both Saturday and Sunday with the Amateur divisions competing in the mornings (8am-noon) and the Professional divisions taking the field in the afternoons (noon-close).

The Victoria Strength Challenge (Strongman) will be contested on Monday, and is a sanctioned event with the Canadian Strong Man Association

The Heavy Events and Strongman happens on Topaz Field. Please see the full schedule on Topaz Field.

About Scottish Heavy Events

The Heavy Events have been contested at Highland Games for centuries, starting with games set up by King Malcolm III of Scotland to select the strongest men in Scotland to serve as his personal bodyguards.

Implements used are those that were in use at that period of history, blacksmith’s weight’s, hammers used for driving fence posts, stones from the local rivers and trees cut down by woodsmen.

There are nine traditional events that you will see contested from the below six categories and all are a true test of not only strength but also skill and athleticism.

About Strongman

Strongman refers to the modern day strength competitions made popular on tv in the 1970s as the World Strongest Man. Events in Strongman are designed to test a competitor’s strength in a variety of different ways, testing not only their power and strength but also their muscular endurance and coordination. Events vary from year to year but some favorites include the Farmers Walk, Atlas Stones, Log Press and Husafell Stone carry.

For a detailed schedule on all events related to the Heavy Events, please look at the Schedule Table for Topaz Field.

May 21st, 22nd & 23rd 2016