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Board of Directors

President Jim Maxwell Contact
Vice-President Randy Stewart Contact
Treasurer Coleen Noble Contact
Secretary/Membership Lori McKenzie Contact
Athletics Director Ray Siochowicz Contact
Celtic Music Festival Chair Brian Bowman Contact
Beverage Serving Areas Chair David McMillan
Childrens Entertainment Chair Rebecca Maxwell Contact
Cultural Chair Randy Stewart Contact
Entertainment Stage Coordinator  Brian Bowman Contact
Food Concessions Chair Douglas Adams Contact
Gates Chair Cara Temmel  Contact
Info Tent & Volunteer Co-Chair Kristina Stewart Contact
Grounds Chair Mike Hodges & Stephan Jones  Contact
Heritage Hub Chair Theresa Mackay Contact
Highland Dance Chair Megan McKenzie Contact
History Chair & Volunteer Chair Caleen Taylor Contact
Hospitality Chair Kathy Booth & Karen Evans
Hurling and Gaelic Football Chair John Flanagan Contact
International Liaison Chair Ken Misch
Irish Dance Chair Alison Paladini Contact
Merchandise Vendors Chair Angus MacPherson Contact
Piping & Drumming Chair Len Leroux Contact
Scot Dance Representative Kathy Paterson
Security & Licensing Chair Bob McKie Contact
Social Chair Donna Maxwell Contact
Sponsorship and Promotion Chair Jim Maxwell Contact
Tartan Parade Chair Charles Bates Contact
Trophy Chair Triena Bryan Contact
VHGA Merchandise Tent Kristina Stewart Contact
Victoria Scottish Community Centre Society Ian Booth Contact
Webmaster TBA
Whisky School Lawrence Graham & Frank Hudson Contact

Members at Large

Member at Large Adele McLean
Member at Large Anne and Jim Scott
Member at Large Carl Jensen
Member at Large Connor Massey
Member at Large Dominic Horgan
Member at Large Doug Ferguson
Member at Large Karen McLeod
Member at Large Jean Campbell
Member at Large Malcolm McLeod
Member at Large Russell Campbell
Member at Large Troy Goodger
Member at Large Kathy White
Member at Large Leah Winker

May 21st, 22nd & 23rd 2016