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Victoria Scottish Community Centre

Our Vision


To build and operate a Scottish Community Centre on the 3 acre waterfront Craigflower Property as the hub for Scottish and Celtic culture on Vancouver Island and a gathering place for the community.

Residents and visitors alike will engage in the celebration of Scottish and Celtic culture and arts at the Centre through events and educational opportunities.

The proposed 10,000 square foot building will feature full glass windows overlooking the water and will be located on the former restaurant footprint. The building will be constructed to retain the Manor’s prominence on the property.

We look forward to having you become part of this exciting and long overdue initiative!You will receive a charitable tax receipt for your donation. Please donate now to make this dream a reality!

Our Mandate

The Victoria Scottish Community Centre Society has been established to build and operate the new centre.

The purposes of the new society (sole member is the Victoria Highland Games Association) are to:

  1. To establish and operate a community centre to be used for educational workshops and programs for the public;
  2. To advance the public’s appreciation of the visual and performing arts by providing high quality Scottish and Celtic arts performances, exhibits and demonstrations to the public; and.
  3. To advance education by providing seminars, presentations and workshops to the public, such as Scottish and Celtic history, language and arts.

May 21st, 22nd & 23rd 2016