Dog Events


The Victoria Highland Games are proud to have been sponsoring shepherding demonstration and dog events for many years.

Please see the full schedule for the Dog Events Field.

Traditionally, the shepherd was also to supervise the migration of the flock and ensure they made it to market areas in time for shearing. Shepherds developed a special breed of dogs that evolved gathering and working abilities rather than predatory tendencies.

This partnership allowed the shepherd to graze larger pastures with the knowledge that their dogs could gather sheep and other livestock from far and wide. Shepherds used whistles as a method of communication to guide the dog at a distance.

On all three days of the Games weekend, you will see demonstrations of sheepdog herding and sheep shearing (you may even get a chance to try shearing yourself!).

Today our love of these intelligent dogs have evolved to a strong partnership in other dog sports such as agility dog events. There will be exciting competitions each day of the Games.

For 2017, the dog events will be moved from the lower Blanshard field to the old tennis court site if the ground is dry enough.

May 21st, 22nd & 23rd 2016